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The source of happy state of mind -- work
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3640  

Heard such a story: an old donkey, fell into a deserted trap, deep and fundamental couldn't climb up. Master it is old donkey, too lazy to save it, let it die there. The donkey gave up the hope of survival at the beginning, every day also someone constantly to trap is taking out the trash. Arguably the old donkey should be very angry and should complained every day that his bad luck to fall into the trap, its master don't it, even if death also don't let it die comfortable, every day there are so many garbage beside it. But one day, it decided to change their attitude, it stepped on his foot, the trash found leftovers from the trash to maintain his own life, instead of being swallowed up by the garbage. Finally one day, it returned to the ground. 

Think about what makes predicament of life and death of the old donkey back into the ground? I think it must be the old donkey positive attitude and your attitude towards the issue. In fact in our life and work also often encountered such a problem, there is no old donkey such predicament of life and death, but it is also a positive attitude about life. 

Remember last year in June, a weekend, because the company temporary task adjustment, I was told that the evening want to work overtime, only one person to work that day I saw the scene of the task, might have to work all night to know it will be the scene of the task is complete, suddenly feel a lot of pressure in my heart, to the scene of the task without a clue, and I don't know what time can finish the work. 

At that time really want to say with leadership report, I can't finish the work. But on second thought, crew shortage now, have a colleague ask for leave again, bullet or not said, yourself silently doing. The weather is very hot, more dry hearts feel more uncomfortable, sit down and rest for a moment, counted how many pieces of artifacts and unfinished, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... Counting, the feeling in the heart of a force, because in the process of counting I thought of a problem, that is, I can get a lot from these artifacts, more than one hundred artifacts, I this can earn hundreds of dollars a day! And complete the task of the excess, and can get the leadership of the praise, the both lining, and face the problem, why not me? So I processing the workpiece, while humming a little song, motivated, before you know it will be finished on the day shift, the next night shift also is so, when the last workpieces is already seven o 'clock in the morning the next day, at this time I just feel tired of the body. 

Home lying in bed, consider what can let me have the belief one continuous 23 hours work? Mentality, that's right, is a positive attitude, it is this positive attitude gave me faith and power. Mentality decided to state, state decision efficiency, efficiency is destiny. Really really. It seems that positive attitude is important. 

Reality is cruel, but no matter how disappointing reality, we can also slowly accumulate energy. Young we are stressful, but we can change a Angle to think. Most of the time, everything is state of mind, with the right attitude, can transform a crisis, to turn pressure into motive force, thus the stage on the road to success. 

Work today, are you happy?