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On August 8, 2007 morning, fangyuan slewing bearing co., LTD., starting A shares in shenzhen stock exchange for the listing ceremony 
S main leaders of maanshan city, huatai securities, the shenzhen stock exchange, the China securities regulatory commission regulatory bureau leadership and anhui guests attended the public ceremony 
S ma on shan municipal party committee secretary ding hai, fangyuan bearing the chairman Qian Senli ring in trading 

S company gave the shenzhen stock exchange "fangyuan bearing" antique COINS 

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Morning of June 21, 2008, ma on shan fangyuan slewing bearing co., LTD., with changsha astra rotary bearing manufacturing co., LTD. The rain mountain lake hotel in the city of dreams held a joint venture in changsha fangyuan slewing bearing co., LTD. Is a signing ceremony. Attended the signing ceremony of liuyang are: the leaders and guests, deputy secretary of municipal party committee of the communist party of China liuyang liuyang government mayor Liang Zhong Sun Jin secretary of municipal committee, liuyang manufacturing industry base work committee, liuyang city vice mayor Ms. Huang, and department leadership and changsha city astra Liao Julin chairman. Ma on shan city vice mayor Fang Xiaoli attended the signing ceremony, attended the ceremony and the municipal government deputy secretary ChangSunJi and municipal development and reform commission (NDRC), economic commission, science and technology bureau, finance bureau and other units, and head warden Huang Bing Jin Guzhuang area, district da-bo zhang, fangyuan bearing Qian Senli chairman. 

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On the morning of March 23, 2010, ma on shan fangyuan slewing bearing co., LTD. Heavy equipment bearing production line test, the test center construction project ceremony held in the city development zone. City leaders Zheng Wei article, Zhou Chunyu, ChengHouLin, yue-ming wang, Fang Xiaoli field battle ray, the municipal government secretary-general Wei Zheng equal to participate in the ceremony. 

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