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idea of corporate

Taken the company tenet: care fangyuan, care for employees

Enterprise and the staff with the fate of survival. Care for fangyuan, staff love and loyalty to the company, company do love factory home inns, blame, unite as one. Care for employees, the company to implement "people-oriented" management philosophy, respect, trust and care about the employees, truly starting from the fundamental interests and long-term interests of the staff, seeks the development, promoting development, maximum meet the needs of material culture and spiritual culture.

Taken the company business philosophy: founder, satisfactory work

From the point of the company, business activities comply with the provisions of the state and local laws and regulations, abide by business ethics, in their own benefit at the same time does not damage the interests of the parties. Company efforts to coordinate the customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders, constantly meet the customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders demand, efforts to build a harmonious enterprise.

From the point of the employees, founder, is to be honesty, duty, has the good moral quality and decent style; Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the company and the company secret. A complete work, is to do his job well, continuously the pursuit of excellence. Do the right thing, do something perfect, emphasizes the process optimization, the pursuit of results satisfactorily, benefit the company, make social satisfaction.

U company spirit: in square, cylindrical, loyalty, excellence

Within the square: enterprise abide by national and local laws and regulations, and business activities, abide by business ethics; Employees to abide by social morality, ethics, and observe the rules and regulations of the enterprise, to establish correct goal in life, have the courage to develop courage, tolerance, and determination.

Cylindrical: the company to coordinate with the customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders, the relationship between constantly meet the customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders the personalized demand; Staff to coordinate with family, colleagues, and the relationship between enterprise and society.

Loyalty: enterprise establish credit system, advocating loyalty culture, corporate loyalty to employees, shareholders and other stakeholders; Staff loyalty to family, loyal to the company, the good faith to his friends, good faith to the society.

Excellence: the company to achieve the service for the customer the ability to fine enhanced constantly, enterprise management, staff quality enhances unceasingly, improve product quality, expanding the brand influence.

Cultivate employees' innovation consciousness and innovation ability continuously, an international perspective to motivate all employees continuously surpass ourselves and to the extraordinary career. Training "adaptable, pragmatic spirit to be strong, strong sense of innovation," the high-quality talents, encourage employees to participate in training, self-taught, unceasingly enterprising, do a little bit of progress every day. Day is it, nissin high.

Taken the company policy:

Founder, a complete work; Focus on customers, create value; Clean production and safety and health; Careful management, continuous improvement.

Taken the vision:

To become the world first-class slewing bearing manufacturer.

Taken the company mission:

Continue to fangyuan brand, the pursuit of customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders win-win situation.