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Product R & D Center

Product research and development center has excavator with rotary bearing group, crane with rotary bearing group, export rotary bearing group, a new industry with rotary bearing group, new energy with rotary bearing team and other professional groups. Is responsible for organizing the planning of company product development; Responsible for new product research, development, improvement of design audit, technical standards and achievements; Responsible for providing project products use the related technical documents, and provide technical guidance for the research and development products. At present, the research and development center has designer 30 people, 5 senior engineers, 1 discipline leaders, r&d ability in the same industry advanced level at home. 
For a long time, research and development center actively tracking the development trend of the rotary bearing industry, new technical information, collect the international leading industry technological progress, focus on company dedicated to the study of the theory of the slewing bearing and product research and development, the application of CAD, CAPP and CAM, CAXX, ANSYS computer technology such as the rotary bearing design and analysis of various structural application torque test and digital multifunctional test rig, vibration test machine, high and low temperature test chamber, the experimental equipment in terms of product performance testing, has developed a single volleyball type, three rows of column type, cross roller type, double volleyball type, double row ball type, double rotary, waist drum type ha cefuroxime type, such as the eight series of slewing bearing, nearly 2300 kinds of product specifications, and in recent years, on average, more than 200 kinds of new products every year. Products are involved in the application of construction machinery, engineering machinery, port machinery, metallurgical machinery, light industry and military equipment, wind power, solar power and other industries. 
R&d center successively took on a number of national torch plan, provincial major research projects and municipal science and technology plan projects, and participate in the rotary bearing the national industry standard, lead to the development of the industry, promote technological progress of the industry, and the real-time reporting of research achievements of the protection of intellectual property rights. 
After 20 years of continuous innovation, research and development center has formed the rotary bearing performance calculation, drawing design, process preparation, product testing, selection of form a complete set, the complete theory of fault analysis. At the same time, research and development center to open cooperation and combination of independent development for the principle, give full consideration to use external technical force to promote the internal product performance and structure optimization; Expand the technical communication with counterparts at home and abroad, and partner product performance optimization aspects of technical cooperation, innovation and technology transfer. 

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