Human resources
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Talent strategy

Career Planning:
The company take the principle of combining individual employees and organizations.On the basis of determination ,analysis and summary of the employees career from subjective and objective aspect.Company adapts career planning according to each employee 's hobbies, abilities, and expertise. Keeping abreast of the professional needs of employees. Meanwhile Company will help employees to design the self-awareness, growth and promotion management solutions and also help to develop career goals in phases in order to meet the dual needs of employees and the company.
Staff Promotions:

According to the staff 's abilities, qualifications, financial viability and integrated evaluation,also combined with their professional development plan,company
Provides the necessary and sufficient opportunity for every employee .
Each employee has the same opportunities for development within the organization. According to the nature of work and organizational development needs, company will determine the five grades of promoting employees, namely the Artisan Grade, Technical grades, Manage grades, Accounting grades and Sales grades.
Pay System:

Staff 's salaries are composed by a fixed salary, performance salary and bonus. Fixed salary including base salary, job skills wages, seniority allowance, education allowance, professional and technical functions allowance.Salaries of performance:management personnel is determined by positions and levels, the production online and production auxiliary positions staffes confirm by its yield,quality,cost,on-site management assessment.Bonus:allocated according to the company's business and the individual's performance.
Staff's wages are wages contained tax salaries, personal income tax withheld by the company, and the employees personally liable for all kinds of social insurance and housing accumulation fund withheld by the company.
The welfare system, not only that employees pay for the various social insurance and basic housing fund, excellent staff travel at home and abroad, while companies in the city of Charity set up a Fangyuan charitable fund to help patients adhere to handicapped and other charitable student activities.
Staff Development Channel:
According to the personal development ,employees have the following career channel to meet individual's self-developmental needs:
Administrative positions: assistant manager ,assistant manager,manager ,assistant ggeneral manager ,vice president ,general manager.
Professional and technical positions:
Engineering Series: project engineer , associate director engineer , director engineer , deputy chief engineer , chief engineer.
Accounting Series: general ledger accounting , host accounting , deputy chief accountant , certified public accountants.
Economic and other series: project economist , deputy director of the economist ,drector economist , deputy chief economist,  chief economist.
Mechanic Series: junior mechanics, intermediate mechanics, senior mechanics, technician, senior technician, chief  technician.