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Dr First join our post-doctoral scientific research workstation 

On July 30, fangyuan supporting provincial post-doctoral scientific research workstation (innovation practice base) entered the stage of formal operation. Company and the joint of southeast university hired gold, Ph.D., vice general manager of Sun Yuejiang jian-run zhang, professor at the school of mechanical engineering in southeast university and partner, forms the enterprise with the combination of university teacher, responsible for postdoctoral joint training. 
Fangyuan bearing for postdoctoral innovation practice base platform, joint domestic college of southeast university and nanjing university of technology, rotary bearing and equipment production, cooperation, promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, and realize "wisdom made in China". 
Southeast university school of mechanical engineering research modern equipment design and manufacture of generic technology, including digital and integrated development technology, flexible manufacturing systems and process of system modeling, restructuring and quality assurance technology, mechanical and electrical quality monitoring system, such as electromagnetic compatibility and environment reliability technology. 
Nanjing university of technology school of mechanical and power engineering, construction equipment industry of jiangsu province key laboratory of digital manufacturing and control and special CNC equipment engineering research center of jiangsu province, and rotary bearing manufacturing equipment and rotary bearing products, carried out the 3 d parametric modeling, machining technology, structural static and dynamic characteristics analysis and test equipment development, condition monitoring, life assessment method, experiment method, etc, to carry out a large amount of basic research work. 
Dr Gold inbound smoothly, become the first postdoctoral since the construction of the platform. Will be carried out during the pit stop, the intelligent rotary bearing research and development work, solve the sensors embedded structure, smart sensors, a distributed monitoring system and embedded software development problems. After the completion of the project is expected to improve the domestic rotary bearing reliability, prolong the service life and form a key part of intelligent. Related work benefits to the raise of slewing bearing technology level and market competitiveness, to strengthen the company participates in the international market competition, the technical strength.